“Silent gratitude isn’t much to anyone.” ~ Gertrude Stein

This page is an acknowledgement page to those I meet on my journey who in their own way helped me.

Scott Bartlett, Global Prospect Limited. My fantastic husband who is supportive of the things I do and is a constant encouragement to do what makes me happy. He also designed and developed my brilliant website which I love! If you want one like it yourself, ask him!

Enya Wilson-Blackwell. My wonderful daughter who like her mum likes to walk, think positive and is open to learning new things to help herself. She has taken many of the wonderful photos which are on my website and I am proud to have them on here. Here's Enya's blog.

The wonderful team at The Body Junction in Bexhill, who are the friendliest most helpful bunch of people. They inspired me on so many levels.