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The vast open areas in Spain can often leave you feeling rather vulnerable when solo walking. I wondered how many others felt the same, and therefore missing out on the wonderful experience of walking here and the beautiful views. So I started a friendly walking group. I enjoy walking and love seeing others enjoy the experience too.

Please note this is NOT an officially organised walking group, just friends getting together to explore! I am an unpaid organiser, therefore do not ask for any joining fee or costs. Do you want to improve your health or get to see the local areas by foot rather than by car? Contact me! You can find me on Instagram.




Walking Group (Cantoria)

In early 2019 I started the Cantoria Grupo Caminando for my immediate neighbours in Almanzora, Cantoria. It became very popular, even among those who wouldn't normally dream of walking. There were members who used it as a platform to improve their fitness and lose weight. I was thrilled to play a part in their journey. After moving to Oria in 2021 some have continued to walk with me on a weekly basis, either in Cantoria, or over in Oria.

Walking Group (Oria)

From 2021 the Cantoria walking group extended into Oria Grupo Caminando.  I am learning new walks to guide people on and always would like to know more. I would love to meet up with any existing groups in or around Oria if there happens to be any.

If you want to join me:

  • please email me to be added to the Walking Whatsapp group. I will need your name, location area and telephone number
The boring but important safety bit:
  • walking boots should ideally be worn due to the rough terrain that can be experienced
  • wear the appropriate clothing for the weather
  • carry adequate water 
  • carry a first aid kit
  • carry a charged mobile phone
  • carry information of your emergency contact
  • do not walk if you are unwell 
  • well behaved and obedient dogs are welcome (owners are responsible for their behaviour and safety at all times)
I look forward to hearing from you 

Previous comments

Peter O'Connor
"Joined Tracey and team Wednesday for a beautiful walk in the Cantoria mountains, an early evening walk so got to see the beautiful sunset, and stop for a refreshing drink, loved every minute of it, as it will help to build up strength in my knee (had a partial replacement last year). Everyone was very supportive and walked at a comfortable pace Many Thanks Trace see you next week, Pete"
Geoff Feelgood
"Thank you for hosting our village walks Tracey, it gives me a great start to my broadcasting day."
Cora Unk
"Hi, I 'met' Tracey on Instagram and saw we both live in the same area. I also like to walk, but I'm not a professional walker. You don't go for walking alone in the mountains. It's very nice Tracey started this group with all kind of people who are interested in walking. Whether it's for fun, your health or to meet new people. Short walks or longer one's, Tracey is always into it. So knows very nice routes to go. I will certainly join more walks. Thanks Tracey! "
Adele O Connor
"The walking group has introduced me to new friends. I love walking, everyone is friendly, and I have started to see some beautiful places .... that you never get to see when you are driving. I always feel so happy and refreshed when I have finished a walk . Thanks Tracey Bartlett ... you are one in a million. "
Paul Hyde
"Tracey and I chatted one day about improving my health, after I'd recently decided to lose some weight and get a bit fitter. Not only did she inspire me to make the first step by agreeing to walk regularly, but also to accommodate my 'awkward' need to start early in the morning as I do still need to go to work. I, along with Tracey and a few others have a two mile walk (3.2km) each weekday morning before work and some extra evening longer walks. Absolutely love the experience and seeing the area we live in with such a different view and perspective. Thank you and well done Tracey Bartlett "
Steve And Sue
"Hi Almonzora walking group .My partner Sue and myself Steve are in the process of buying a place in the area . We would love to join your walking group when we are eventually allowed to travel. "
Linda Noel
"A really healthy and interesting way to get to know around the area. By walking together and sharing our ideas and thoughts we all benefit from each other. The group which I'm lucky to be part of is informal fun and friendly. Tracey our 'leader ' coordinator and inspiration driver is very good at finding interesting walks. I would fully recommend giving it a go. "
Tracy Clarke
"This is a very Friendly group & a great way to meet your neighbours & enjoy our beautiful surroundings. "
"Well done you for carrying on your love of walking in your new environment I'm sure that you will soon have a full group that will enjoy your well organised rambles. I for one will join you when I finally come across for a visit. The oleman x"
Barbara Taor
"The walking group has given me a happy way to keep fit and to see more of the beautiful Almanzora Valley. I have also met some lovely new friends to walk and talk with. Its just win win. Thanks Tracey Bartlett ."


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